• Adriana Curto

A Grateful Reminder

It has been about two weeks since I left my community in Morocco. Before leaving I presented this video to the people who I wanted to see it first: my host mother and sister, who glossy eyed sat in front of my laptop screen spooning homemade chili into their mouths for the first time, reminiscing on the journey we’ve taken together. After leaving, I shared it with the network from my site directly-via social media. The town posted it on their local newspaper page and my work partner screened it on his TV screen at the gym, for all the women to watch. It has now been viewed by over 5,000 people, most of whom are from Morocco. Over the past few days I’ve gotten messages via my main points of contact in site, that those who I wanted to see it did (the people I passed on the street or dabbled in small talk with every now and of course the people I spent the most time with and call my new family). This video will serve as a reminder to myself and those people the lessons learned, the friendships, the moments of confusion, the moments of new experience, and how grateful I feel for it all. Enjoy.

(below are some pictures of my last few moments in Morocco)

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