• Adriana Curto

Summer’s Over and I Got Myself a Guitar


Summer was long and I was fortunate enough to travel quite a bit but summer’s over and it’s back into the swing of things. This “swing of things” seems like a lot to figure out and organize in my head at the moment. New students, new relationships, new projects, and finding my place in those turning gears of the town. Some mornings I wake up with 20 new ideas and top notch confidence to accomplish what I want to get started and then the next morning I tell myself I’m not leaving my house, bqi wqt (there’s still time), things will fall into place. Its even easy to do the latter because I don’t have someone giving me tasks or projects to complete by the end of the day, we’re on a very self-driven work schedule here. And in times when you need to leap out of your comfort zone and start up what you want to get done, thats really hard to get behind. Everyone gets those back to school jitters, but it’s definitely harder when you’re away from those sweet spots you’ve become acquainted with. Like returning back to my little K-12 school every year, knowing 99% of the people around me because we probably shared crayons together in 2nd grade. Or the group of college friends I saw repetitively in my classes for four years and knew we’d share the feeling together of becoming big kids after graduation one day. I knew we were all in it simultaneously. Here, I naturally feel more disconnected from those routines a community goes through together. With that said, I’m telling myself I’m way more connected than I was last year and there’s still potential for so much good work.

So, summer’s over and I got myself a guitar. Maybe I’m feeling bold or PCV cliche or just really bored but why not channel some jittery energy into something that’ll bring 3 different humans around me in a matter of 2 minutes. There’s a dull day turned into a bubbly evening. Plus, I have a pretty motivated host brother who says to me after our fingers are hurting all too much, “We’re off to a great start Adriana, we’ll be legends.” How can I argue with that? To the start of year two…keeping my door open, bringing people together, continuously learning, and leaping not stepping out of my comfort zone.


Plus, a guitar is like a pet dog here, its an easy conversation starter and something not all that ordinary. All you have to do is hold it and people think you’re some sort of weird rock star or something.